Cody Horse Sale ♦ May 10-11, 2019

Phone Bid Form
Cody Horse Sale Phone Bidding Requirements.

Deadline for phone bidding for receipt of both personal information and verification from your bank:  Friday Prior to Auction

By completing the following form, I hereby agree that I will be authorized to bid on animals for the Cody Horse Sale Auction managed by Clark Management Company, that I will abide by the following terms, have an account as shown below & will make payment as described below:

Approval: Must provide Credit Card info to be approved to bid. Bank letter can be used for higher bidding approval.  (3.5% office charge on all Credit Card Transactions, see Payment info below)
Livestreaming is available on a computer, ipad or phone via Facebook.   But NO Internet Bidding.
Phone bidding will be offered during the auction with proper ID and bank letter.

BANK LETTER requirement:  Have your bank email to or fax to 888.684.5929. "one" of the following approvals;
1: Verify you are a customer in Good Standing with no limit on $$ to be spent,
2: Guarantee funds for a specified amount.
3: Letter of Credit.

PAYMENT:  If I am the successful bidder of an animal, I will receive an Invoice via email from Clark Management for the full amount due which includes;
$13.50        Brand Inspection per animal,
$10.00        Health Certificate if leaving the state of Wyoming per animal,  International Health is $150 and may take an extra day or two.
2%              Phone buyers fee = 2% of purchase price
+$$             Final Bid Price on the animals purchased. 

This email will provide wiring instructions for the full balance due via a  bank wire, the wiring information for payment in full to be wired to Clark Management on the Monday, immediately following auction,  must be wired no later than noon, local time.   Please remember that some banks only wire on the hour and hold wires to be done on the hour or all at once.   West Coast is a 1 hour delay in time so please make arrangements to be at your bank when they open!

PHONE BIDDING PROCESS:  The horses you list below for bidding will be assigned to one of our employees.  Please know that the employee will be near our speakers which are very loud for both them and you.  The day of the sale, our employee will call you between noon and 1 p.m. MST and go over the bidding process, .  ie: The bid is at $5,000, do you want to go to $5,500, Yes or No?  This is simple, and easy to understand.  Please have an idea of your maximum bid as the bidding is rapid and they won't slow down to give you time to think about this. The horses are in the ring for only 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.  If the auction pauses, the horse could be sold.

WE'LL PHONE YOU:  Prior to your horse entering the sale ring, the employee will phone you by your 1st choice phone number, if busy the 2nd choice number will be used.  Please be available during the time your horse is expected to be in the ring, we sell an average of 20 horses per hour, 3 minutes per horse, so you can estimate the time we will be calling you.  We operate on MST.

TITLE:  Title passes to the buyer when the AUCTIONEER claims "SOLD".   All risk of injury to the horse becomes buyer's risk at passing of title. buyer agrees to release, defend, indemnify and hold owners, managers, and employees harmless from all losses, expenses, and claims related to the possession, care, custody, control or maintenance after AUCTIONEER claims "SOLD" of any horse on which he or she is the successful bidder, whether resulting in whole or in part from their own negligence, including but not limited to any claims arising out of injuries or damage caused by the horse after the AUCTIONEER claims "SOLD".

PAYMENT:  The horse will be held for buyer until buyer makes settlement as follows:
Buyer will be presented an invoice via email following the Auction.  
  • WIRE FUNDS:  Buyer shall see that a wire from their bank is prearranged or completed at the opening of their bank on Monday, immediately following Cody Horse Sale  Auction. All wiring instructions shall be included in the email showing balance due on their invoice which will be emailed to buyer.
  • CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS:  Credit Card Payments shall have a 3.5% office charge added to their invoice for payment.  Making payment via credit card waives any right for returns or refunds of sales.  Any and all guarantees are between the buyer and the seller.
Transporter will sign as responsible party for receipt and verify receipt of paperwork at time of pickup.

TRANSPORTATION:  Buyers are responsible for transportation of their horse(s) once purchased.  Prior to the sale, please contact a transportation company for quotes and availability.  We suggest one that is bonded and insured.

INSURANCE:  Buyers are responsible to purchase insurance coverage on their animal(s) purchased through the Auction once the Title Passes from Consignor to Buyer.  Clark Management Company and Cody Horse Sale is hereby released from all liability pertaining to boarding and feeding of animals until they can be picked up by an agent of the owner or the new owner.

CARE:  Care of your new animal, once you get your new horse home, please keep it in a separate stall or pen away from your other animals.  Do this for 2 to 3 days before allowing it to run in the same pen as your current animals.  This gives the new boarder and your current animals time to get along and greet each other across any fence or panel early.  If you turn your new purchase out in a pasture, be sure to do this during the day so they are able to see all fences.  The new boarder will be inspected by the current animals and can be seen as running or pursuing the new boarder until they complete the introduction process.  
* indicates required